The future doesn't belong to you!

For those who have not completed Xenoblade Chronicles, this page or section may contain spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

New Game + is unlocked after beating the final boss in Xenoblade Chronicles.

What Carries Over?

  • Character Levels
  • Character Arts
  • Character Skills and Affinity Coins
  • Party Affinity
  • Gold
  • Items equipped when the game is cleared are automatically carried over
  • 30 weapons selected are carried over
  • 30 from each category of armour selected are carried over
  • 60 materials selected are carried over
  • All other items (gems, collectables, etc.) except Key Items are carried over without restriction
  • Achievement Records
  • Collectopaedia (destinations not reached will initially be hidden)
  • Monado III. Note, none of the Monados will carry over if the Monado III is not equipped or selected to carry over when a game is finished.
  • Tutorials (game will no longer pause to reintroduce a new tutorial)

What Doesn't Carry Over?

Other Changes

  • The New Game + file will have a crown in the upper left corner of the picture.
  • Affinity Coins can be re-earned by killing Unique Monsters, as all of them have re-spawned and reset from the previous file.
  • Since Shulk carries over the True Monado, he will not receive the original nor will he receive his Junk Sword in the next playthrough. He will begin the game fighting with the True Monado (assuming it was equipped when the previous playthrough was finished).
  • The original Monado will appear in the Weapon Dev. Lab.
  • Characters, except Fiora, will start the game appearing in the equipped armour, level, arts (including levels) and affinity they had when the previous playthrough was finished.
  • In the Battle of Sword Valley with Dunban and his comrades, Dunban will appear and fight with his carried over equipment (including his sword rather than the Monado). However, Dunban's sword will have the Monado's ring (which displays the Monado's current active power) as well as its beam of light "attached" to his sword for the sake of the cutscene. The party will automatically be given the Monado Enchant status. Mumkhar will appear in his Mechon form rather than his original Homs form and Dickson will appear in his normal clothing instead of his Homs armour. Interestingly enough, when Dunban drops the Monado in agony during the Mechon attack on Colony 9, it will be the same Monado that Shulk was wielding at the start of the game and not his own sword, this is only for the purpose of the cutscene.
  • Fiora will start in her original form with the level, equipment, and arts she had when she left the party (which can all be completely leveled).

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