For the race in Xenoblade Chronicles, see Nopon.

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Tatsu, a Nopon

Nopon (English dub: /ˈnoʊˌpɒn/ or more rarely /ˈnɒpˌɒn/) are a race of small, fuzzy creatures seen throughout Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are natives of the planet Mira who lead merchant caravans. They founded the Nopon Commerce Guild Arms Manufacturer. The Nopon Tatsu is a supporting character and is almost always seen with Lin, the deuteragonist.

Nopon first appeared in Xenoblade Chronicles as race of life on Bionis, with one character, Riki, being a playable protagonist. It is unknown if the Nopon in Xenoblade Chronicles X have any connection to the Nopon from Xenoblade Chronicles, though there have been several mentions of elements of the first game throughout the story, such as the existence of a Heropon - who is supposed to defeat "evil and wicked gods" - or the mention of a Legendary Frontier Village. Nopon in Xenoblade Chronicles X have detailed, visible strands of fur on their bodies, unlike the Nopon from Xenoblade Chronicles, which had no detailed fur effect at all.

Life on Mira

Nopon live as travelers on Mira, collected together in caravans which often move from one location to another. Prior to the events of the game they were some of the only known sentient inhabitants of the planet (alongside L), however the arrival of the Ganglion - particularly the Prone - has a negative effect on the nopon population, as the Prone use Nopon as a food source. The human characters also often joke about the resemblance of Nopon to various vegetables to wind Tatsu up, while Ma-non frequently refer to them as "walking lunch pails."

Divine Spirits

There are four known divine Nopon spirits - Napopon, Nipopon, Nupopon and Nopopon - who are ancient legendary beings amongst the Nopon folklore. They are all 9,999 years old, and each inhabit a different region of Mira (excluding Primordia). They are reminiscent of the Nopon Sage in Xenoblade Chronicles, although fight the party themselves in monstrous forms rather than setting tasks.

Nopon Caravans


  • The name of the Nopon in the English dub of Xenoblade Chronicles X is usually pronounced /ˈnoʊˌpɒn/, unlike the /ˈnɒpˌɒn/ that was more common in the English dub of Xenoblade Chronicles. Celica is the only character in X who says /ˈnɒpˌɒn/.