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Nopon merchant camp

A Nopon Merchant Camp, a home to Nopon Merchants

Nopon Merchants are NPCs in Xenoblade Chronicles. They can be found nearly everywhere around Bionis, and their purpose is to buy and sell items and weapons and spread information from one part of Bionis to the other, making Nopon Merchants vital to the information network of Bionis.


Some Nopon Merchants hold a shop and will also buy and sell items to the party. There are accompanied by one or a few Nopon Merchants who just spread information to the party. They can be found in the following locations:

Quest and key item giver

This Nopon Merchant only spreads information, but he is also the The Ancient Ceremony and Ancient Ceremony Offerings story quests giver, and is involved in the quest A Young Captain's Challenge as the Nopon Claymore giver.

Known Nopon Merchants

Only two named Nopon are known to be merchants:


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