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O'rrh Sim Keep is a landmark in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is located in Cauldros, within the O'rrh Sim Castle Ruins. It can be reached by entering the building via the small door at O'rrh Sim Gate and navigating a series of passages and elvators. There are screen-enclosed paths along the sides of the room, but they do not open into the main part of the room and are not considered part of the landmark.

The room is normally devoid of enemies, except during a main story mission. After the Force Seidr is defeated here during Chapter 11, the large door is opened, providing direct access from O'rrh Sim Gate and allowing Skells to enter the building.


Story Exclusive Enemy


  • Although a "Landmark Discovered" message is displayed when the Keep is first entered, there is no fast-travel point for it on the segment map.