Oc-servs (Japanese: メ=ツウ, Me-tsuu) are machine enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are mysterious Miran flying drones with two long arms and a single glowing eye. They can be found in all regions.

Oc-servs are immune to all weather effects, and their detection is not hampered by electromagnetic storms.


"Enigmatic, pilotless crafts exhumed from the Miran soil. They come in a variety of sizes, and are constructed from some kind of living metal that not even Ganglion technology can replicate. But while the particulars of the oc-serv manufacturing process remain shrouded in mystery, a lucky research mistake unlocked the secret of controlling the units—allowing the Ganglion to put them to work protecting bases and toting resources."

"Oc-servs are impervious to both electro-magnetic jamming and adverse weather effects, allowing them to operate with impunity across the entirety of Mira."

Color Variants

Oc-servs fall into four color variants:

List of Oc-serv Enemies

Normal Minor Enemies

Mission Exclusive Enemy


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