Ocean Earrings
Headgear 1 Unique
Earrings with high ether levels, inlaid with red pearls from the sea bed.
Type Light Head Armour
Physical Def 30
Ether Def 45
Weight 1
Empty Slots Unique
Sell Price 800 G
Ether Up II 15

Ocean Earrings are light head armour in Xenoblade Chronicles. They are not part of an armour set, and are only available from the Melfica Road Shop in Alcamoth.


For other armour pieces with the same appearance, see Armour Recognition.
Shulk Reyn Fiora Dunban
Pc010101 Pc020101 Pc030101 Pc040101
Sharla Riki Melia
Pc050101 Pc060101 Pc070101



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