For the simlarly named enemy, see Offensive Scout.
For the story exclusive variant, see Offensive/SCOUT (story).

Offensive/SCOUTs are normal enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles. They are Mechon, and can be found at level 56 at the Spent Fuel Tank, at the Upper Bulkhead Bridge, and on the first floor, near a small bridge connecting towards a mine deposit in Mechonis Field. If the M4 VIOLA at Power Supply Area 2 is engaged in battle it can summon an Offensive/SCOUT. They can drop the Reinforced Jets needed for Best Boots.

A story exclusive variant is encountered during the Boss battle event against Jade Face. These Mechon are fought at level 56 at 1st Zebrai Bulkhead, on the fifth floor of Mechonis Field, and they drop no Treasure Chests.



Art Attribute Multiplier Hits Range Effect Knockback Blowdown/Daze
Sliding Sword VTalent (Physical)2.05 – 2.251Frontal LineDouble Damage if Toppled--
Boost OneStatus---Strength Up--
Boost TwoStatus---Agility Up--
DelayalStatus--Circle around casterSlow
Ether Down
Panic RushPhysical2.8 – 3.01-Confuse
Ether Down

† It has not yet been confirmed whether this enemy uses Delayal.


Break 70% Lock-On 0% Physical Def. ▼ 0% Agility ▼ 70%
Topple 0% Bind 70% Ether Def. ▼ 0% Aura Seal 0%
Daze 0% Paralysis 0% Strength ▼ 70% Arts Seal 70%
Sleep 70% Slow 0% Ether ▼ 70% Death 0%



Wood 77.6%
Silver 19.4%
Gold 3%


Tough Part M 73.7%
Reinforced Jet 26.3%


Strength Up IV Fire 31.3%
Attack Stability IV Earth 31.3%
Machina Blade 2 slots 3.7%
Machina Driver 2 slots 3.6%
Machina Nibbler 2 slots 3.1%
Machina Rod 2 slots 2.1%
Taurus Helm 0 slots 7.5%
Sleek Oil 1 slot 7.1%
Alcyone Bottoms 1 slot 6.2%
F Speed Goggles 0 slots 4.2%


Machina Blade 3 slots 13.6%
Machina Nibbler 3 slots 6.8%
Unique Weapons
Machina Driver II 13.6%
Machina Blade II 6.8%
Unique Armours
Blade Gauntlets 15.2%
Blade Armour 14.5%
Blade Leggings 12.7%
Blade Boots 8.6%
Advanced Art Books
Air Slash 3.7%
Tempest Kick Dunban 2.5%
Guard Shift Reyn 1.3%
Burninate Riki 0.6%