Orkatix (Japanese: オルフェス, Orufesu) is a Machina in Xenoblade Chronicles. Even though he is older than some Machina adults, he is stuck with the body of a child due to a growth defect. He is Vronik's son. He is walking on the path along the western wall of the village, northwest of the Junks. He can be found at 13:00 in the northern part of the Hidden Machina Village, just above the inlet.



Item Affinity Value
Jujube Silver 1
Old Part S ☆1
Locust Spring ☆2
Squishy Cartilage ☆2
Barrier Gnasher (1 slot) ☆3
Noise Canceller (Unique) ☆3
Buff Time Plus IV ☆4
Buff Time Plus V ☆5
Digital Filament Overtrade +11,880 G