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Orluga Grass Skirt

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Orluga Grass Skirt
Rare Material
Though unhygienic, the Orluga wash this every couple of days.
Vital statistics
Type Material (rare)
Source Orlugas
Trade (Various)
Sell Price 640 G

Orluga Grass Skirts are rare materials in Xenoblade Chronicles. They are dropped by various Orluga in Makna Forest and can be traded for in Frontier Village, Makna Forest, and briefly in Alcamoth.

Five of them are needed for Material Quest 2 in Alcamoth.

Needed for Edit

Quests Edit

Sources Edit

Trade Edit

NPC Area Affinity
Dedeba Alcamoth 1
Adidi Frontier Village ☆3
Dedeba Frontier Village Overtrade
Nopon Sage Makna Forest Overtrade


  1. The Nopon Sage only appears once the quest Meeting the Nopon Sage has been accepted.
  2. Adidi will only have Orluga Gras Skirts for trade if she is given the Enlarging Seaweed during the quest Who is Bigger?.
  3. Dedeba only appears in Alcamoth during the quest Destroying the City Trade. When that quest is completed, he is no longer available to trade with.

Enemy drops Edit

Enemy Area Rate
Ashy OrlugaMakna Forest100 %
Terra OrlugaMakna Forest26.3 %
Suelo OrlugaMakna Forest26.3 %

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