Orluga Grass Skirts are rare materials in Xenoblade Chronicles. They are dropped by various Orluga in Makna Forest and can be traded for in Frontier Village, Makna Forest, and briefly in Alcamoth.

Five of them are needed for Material Quest 2 in Alcamoth.

Needed for




NPC Area Affinity
Adidi ※1 Frontier Village 3
Dedeba ※2 Frontier Village Overtrade
Dedeba ※3 Alcamoth ☆1
Nopon Sage ※4 Makna Forest Overtrade

※1: Only if Adidi was given the Enlarging Seaweed during Who is Bigger?.
※2: Only before accepting Destroying the City Trade.
※3: Only during Destroying the City Trade.
※4: Appears after Meeting the Nopon Sage is accepted.

Enemy drops

Enemy Area Rate
Ashy OrlugaMakna Forest100 %
Terra OrlugaMakna Forest26.3 %
Suelo OrlugaMakna Forest26.3 %

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