Orluga Slacks are rare materials in Xenoblade Chronicles. They are dropped by Orlugas in Eryth Sea and can be traded for in Alcamoth and Eryth Sea.

Three of them are needed for Material Quest 3 in Alcamoth.

Needed for




NPC Area Affinity
Dedeba Alcamoth 1
Vol'aren Alcamoth ☆3
Vidian Eryth Sea Overtrade


  1. Dedeba will only have Orluga Slacks available during Destroying the City Trade.
  2. Vidian will only have Orluga Slacks available after completing Vidian Rescue Mission. By the time Vidian Rescue Mission is available, Alcamoth's Material Quest 3 will have expired.

Enemy drops

Enemy Area Rate
Funeral GozraEryth Sea81.0 %
Tocos OrlugaEryth Sea32.3 %
Pulse OrlugaEryth Sea26.3 %