Ornate Progen Horns are rare materials in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They can be dropped by Progen. Two are needed for the basic mission From Idea to Inventory.


Enemy Level Area
Celestin, the Spring Storm 50 Primordia
Hallowed Progen 21 – 30 Noctilum
Lightning Progen 31 – 40 Noctilum
Sacred Progen 41 – 50 Noctilum
Sanctuary Progen 51 – 60 Noctilum
Wise Progen 21 – 30 Oblivia
Ancient Progen 31 – 40 Oblivia
Ernest, the Contemplative 36 Oblivia
White Progen 11 – 20 Sylvalum
Blaudolch, the Chalcedony 20 Sylvalum
Mountain Progen 41 – 50 Sylvalum

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