Panasowa Arachnos are enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles. They are members of the Arachno family, and can be found from level 91-93 north of the Heavenly Window landmark, and along the path to Arachno Queen's Nest and Arachno Feeding Lair. Level 95-96 versions can hatch from the Hanz Pods in the same areas. They are similar in appearance to Vilae Arachno, but much smaller in size (just like Jada Arachno) and with a color difference in their back. They have a Physical Defence Down counter spike. They can drop the Arachno Sickles needed for Friendship Tokens.



Art Attribute Multiplier Hits Range Effect Knockback Blowdown/Daze
Slow-Footed NetStatus--Frontal ArcSlow--
Ankle BitePhysical2.3 – 2.51-Topple--
Crushing BlowPhysical1.8 – 2.01-Double Damage if Toppled--



Break 70% Lock-On 0% Physical Def. ▼ 100% Agility ▼ 0%
Topple 0% Bind 0% Ether Def. ▼ 100% Aura Seal 0%
Daze 0% Paralysis 100% Strength ▼ 0% Arts Seal 70%
Sleep 70% Slow 70% Ether ▼ 0% Death 0%



Wood 73.5%
Silver 24.5%
Gold 2%


Quality Insect Jaw 67.7%
Arachno Sickle 32.3%


Arachno Crystals
Break V / Daze Plus V 31.3%
Break V / Buff Time Plus V 31.3%
Dystopia 2 slots 3.7%
Darkness Sickle 2 slots 3.6%
Forma Spear 2 slots 3.1%
War Blades 2 slots 2.1%
Hierax Gloves 1 slot 7.5%
Rafaga Boots 1 slot 7.1%
Hierax Bottoms 1 slot 6.2%
Rondine Cap 1 slot 4.2%


Hero Biter 3 slots 5.3%
Devil Cannon 3 slots 5.1%
Will-o'-Wisp Staff 3 slots 4.5%
Regal Daggers 3 slots 3%
Unique Weapons
Banquet Biter 5.3%
Chosen One 5.1%
Alcor Staff 4.5%
Infinity 3%
Unique Armours
Lord Leggings 10.7%
Shilpala Gloves 10.2%
Agrius Helm 8.9%
Agrius Cuisses 6%
Advanced Art Books
Aura Burst Reyn 13%
Peerless Dunban 8.8%
Slit Edge Shulk 4.7%
Power Drain Fiora 2.1%

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