Pandemoniums are weapons in Xenoblade Chronicles. They are swords wielded by Dunban.


Enemy drops

Note: For any enemies listed with a 0% drop rate, the item can only be obtained using Yoink!

Enemy Area Rate
Acid UpaSatorl Marsh7.2 %
Mad UpaSatorl Marsh7.2 %
Ether BunniaSatorl Marsh6.2 %
Ogre BunniaSatorl Marsh6.2 %
Amber FischerSatorl Marsh4.2 %
Coppice QuadwingSatorl Marsh4.2 %
Marsh FlamiiSatorl Marsh4.2 %
Satorl FlamiiSatorl Marsh4.2 %
Stormy WidardunSatorl Marsh4.2 %
Satorl VangSatorl Marsh4.1 %
Storm VangSatorl Marsh4.1 %
Aggressive CorneliusSatorl Marsh2.8 %
Ether IgnaSatorl Marsh2.8 %
Mist RhogulSatorl Marsh2.8 %
Mistol IgnaSatorl Marsh2.8 %
Sunlight SchvaikSatorl Marsh2.8 %
Barbaro IgnaSatorl Marsh2.5 %
Duel IgnaSatorl Marsh2.5 %
Guard IgnaSatorl Marsh2.5 %
Reckless GodwinSatorl Marsh2.5 %
Tumultuous FelixSatorl Marsh2.5 %
Detox BrogSatorl Marsh2.3 %
Lacus FlamiiSatorl Marsh2.3 %
Poison BrogSatorl Marsh2.3 %
Satorl CaterpileSatorl Marsh2.0 %
Officer VolffSatorl Marsh1.5 %
Partner VolffSatorl Marsh1.5 %
Satorl VolffSatorl Marsh1.5 %
Swift ZektolSatorl Marsh1.5 %
Hungry Volff (QE)Satorl Marsh0.0 %