For the gem, see Paralysis.

Paralysis is a non-damaging debuff in Xenoblade Chronicles. It reduces the target's auto-attack activation rate to 25%. Furthermore, special auto-attacking abilities, like Counter-attacking and Double Attacks, are disabled as long as this debuff persists. Arts are still useable while this debuff is active. This debuff is a counterpart to Arts Seal, which limits art usage but does not affect auto-attacks.




Enemies (by Art Name)

Blast Laser III

Bolt from the Blue

Bolt Screw

Custom Grand Shot

Demon Purging Fire

Electric Tongue VII

Fireball Rush

Glorious Bolt VIII

Great Laser VI

Light of Demise

Lightning Ball

Linear Laser IV

Linear Laser V

Noise of Despair

Paralyse Gasp II

Paralysis Scales

Quick Cannon

Ripple Laser III


Shock Wave

Thunder Flash


Thunderbolt II

Ultra Paralyse Blast III

Volt Burst I

Volt Eruption II

Volt Whip

Counter Spike

Topple Spike