Passion is Melia's fifth Skill Tree in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is obtained by completing Ancient High Entia Mystery. Prioritizing Passion increases Melia's Ether by up to 100 (10 if no skills are learnt).

All of the skills in this tree are Yellow, meaning they are only active when a character possessing or linking to them is in the current Battle Party. Further, all of the skills in this tree are only active on a single character, meaning that other characters must link to them in order to gain their benefits.

Skill List

Name Shape Linkable Cost Description Skill Tree Effect Value
Nonchalant Heart Circle Yes 7 Reduces Tension lost from a failed attack 30
Awakening Strike Star Yes 10 Increases damage dealt to enemies suffering Sleep by 50% 40
Telethia Killer Circle Yes 48 Increases damage dealt to Telethia when an Aura is active 50
Passion of Flame Diamond No N/A Extends duration of Blaze dealt to enemies by 20 70
Rejection of Evil Square Yes 50 Reduces Spike damage by 50% 100