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Fancies himself a loner (Colony 9)
New world, new attitude (Colony 6)
Time Active 18:00 - 06:00 (Colony 9)
15:00 - 03:00 (Colony 6)
Gender Male
Race Homs
Age 18
Location Colony 9 (Residential District)
Colony 6 (Main Entrance)

Peppino (Japanese: パピィ, Papī) is a Homs in Xenoblade Chronicles. He can be found in the Residential District of Colony 9 in the late evening and at night. At 18:00 he leaves his house in the north section of the Residential District's western street. He takes 2 hours to walk south to a little alcove where the road bends, meeting with three other men who all talk about getting with women. He stays there until 03:00 at which point he returns to the house which he originally left at 05:00.

At Colony 6, he can be found by the Main Entrance around 15:00. He can be found in Tephra Cave only during the quest Stopping the Elopement involving En Argentis, and can propose an unique trade there.

Inviting to Colony 6

  • Housing must be Level 4.
  • Population must be at least 70.


  • Don Argentis
  • En Argentis (Only if En Argentis emigrates to Colony 6)

Trade (Colony 9)

Item Affinity
Broken Part M 1
Defence Knives (1 slot) ☆1
Cool Potato ☆2
Steel Silk ☆3
Auto-Heal Up I ☆3
Light Bottoms (0 slots) ☆3
Auto-Heal Up II ☆4
Lizard Moon Jewel ☆5
Diamond Brog Eye Overtrade +8,320 G

Trade (Colony 6)

Item Affinity
Spike Defence II 1
Field Top (0 slots) ☆2
Dobercorgi ☆3
Spike Defence III ☆3
Meditor Gnasher (2 slots) ☆4
Black Styrene ☆5
Queen Cocoon ☆5
Bitter Wisp Fluid Overtrade +680 G

Trade (Tephra Cave)

Item Affinity
Spicy Banana 1
Blaze Attack V ☆1
Missing Tree ☆3
Aggro Down V ☆3
Advanced Chamber ☆3
Advanced Core ☆4
Tude Jewel Shell Overtrade +7,100 G



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