Petramands (Japanese: アラネア, Aranea) are stony arachnoid creatures in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They bear resemblance to the Forfex family, but have a sac on their stomach much like Scirpos. Like them, they are considered Insectoids. They can be found in all regions, usually in caves, magma or lava, and canyons.


"Spider-like creatures that exist on a diet of specific minerals, which they melt for consumption using acid secreted from their abdomens. Though most will not attack living organisms, there have been rare cases of mutants with carnivorous tendencies."

"After laying eggs, the female will carry them in her mouth until they hatch. The hatchlings spend their larval phase atop their mother's body, and upon maturation, they attach themselves to flying creatures such as the levitath, moving as far away from their maternal home as possible."

Color Variants

Petramands fall into five color variants:

Types of Petramands

Normal Minor Enemies

Mission Exclusive Enemies



  • Petramand contains the Latin petra, meaning rock or stone.
  • The Japanese name Aranea comes from Latin arānea, meaning "spider".

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