Poison is a status effect in Xenoblade Chronicles.


Poison causes the afflicted to take damage around every two seconds as long as it is in effect. The damage inflicted over time is 100% of the damage of the art that caused, the highest among the four damaging debuffs. It also lasts the longest, or 30 seconds, doing damage 15 times in total. The poison inflicting arts have a relatively low base damage, however.

When used by monsters, the Poison Status' damage multiplier seems to be either 20% or 30%, depending on the enemy, while the duration is 20 seconds, inflicting poison damage 10 times in total. Equipping Poison Defence Gems or Debuff Resist Gems, or using Arts that remove debuffs can reduce the damage received.



  • Lurgy: One of Riki's arts. A front-fan shaped ether attack, poisoning enemies in range.
  • Summon Earth: One of Melia's arts. When discharged, it does ether damage to a single target and inflicts poison.



Enemies (by Art Name)

Hell Talon Venom IV

  • Mumkhar (also uses Special Killing Claw, Very Last Resort, and Hell Spin Venom)
  • Spirit - Mumkhar (also uses Special Killing Claw, Very Last Resort, and Hell Spin Venom)

Poison Arrow I

Poison Breath

Poison Fang

Poison Hit

Poison Shot

Poison Stab

Poison Tongue II

Rex Poison

Toxin Shower

Venom Lance

Venom Rush

Venom Screw

Venom Shot

Venom Storm

Venom Swing

Vile Fungus

Wild Feast

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