For the other artificial Blades, see Poppi QT and Poppi QTπ.

Poppi α (Japanese: ハナ, Hana) is an artificial Special Blade in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. She was built by Tora as a robotic companion whom she calls "Masterpon". She has a powerful metallic body and perfectly practices the Nopon language. Although Poppi α is not a natural Blade awaken from a Core Crystal and Tora is not a Driver, they work as a kind of Driver and Blade duo during battle. She starts using the power of stone, then she can use any element. In battle, Tora can fight using the Drill Shield, particularly to attract enemies and direct their attacks on him while protecting his allies offering them offensive opportunities. Poppi α can be upgraded through the Poppiswap mechanism.

In Battle



  • Poppi Spinning Slash - Attack all within range with spinning motion.
  • Noponic Storm - Shoot out a vortex of ether created within the body.
  • Poppi Drill - Charge with jet propulsion like a spinning drill.
  • Jet Biter - Attack with the Big Mecha Biter (once charged).

 Favorite Items


Main article: Poppiswap


As an artificial special Blade, Poppi α has its own Blade mechanics and a particular customization. By upgrading her, her element, role and skills can be changed thanks to items earned during a Tiger! Tiger! playthrough, a mini-game created by Tora.


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