Praseodymium Petramands are minor enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are members of the Petramand family and can be found at level 26-30 in Cauldros, within the Old Ceremonial Hollow. They can drop the Black Petramand Silk needed for The Next Big Thing.

They can drop all armor pieces in Sakuraba Industries' Vivid Skell Wear series (Advanced), or rarely Valor (Worn).



Part Item Type Rarity
Body Rainbow Metal Material Unique
Acid sac Black Petramand Silk Material Rare
Head, Body Gray Shell Material Common
Body, Claw Ornate Petramand Claw Material Rare
Body Iron Lump Material Rare
Body, Claw Cracked Claw Material Common
 ? Advanced Vivid Helmet Armor  ?
 ? Advanced Vivid Leggings Armor  ?
 ? Advanced Vivid Mitt L Armor  ?
 ? Advanced Vivid Mitt R Armor  ?
 ? Advanced Vivid Suit Armor  ?
 ? Worn Valor Mitt R Armor  ?
 ? SAM-XR120SA Minigun Weapon  ?
 ? SHM-XR120SA Machine Gun Weapon  ?
 ? SSM-XR520SA Chaingun Weapon  ?


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