Progen (Japanese: エクウス, Ekuusu, lit. Equus) are large horse-like enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They could be considered counterparts of the Monoceros.


"During the day, progen stay in small, age-specific herds, but at night they all join together to form a single large group. Foals are reared from spring to summer, and any associated duties are a group activity shared by members of all ages."

"Extremely vigilant animals, progen can emit shrill cries to warn of enemy threats. When under attack, the oldest, most infertile group will assume the role of decoy in order to protect the younger, more viable specimens."


Progen are huge, unicorn-like creatures with draconic features. Their ears are webbed and resemble fish fins. They have two nonfunctional wings on their backs that curl slightly. They have long whiskers hanging from their face. Progen are covered in scales.

Color Variants

Progen fall into three color variants:

Types of Progen

Minor Enemies



  • "Progen" may be derived from Latin progenies, meaning family, race, offspring, or progeny.
  • The Japanese name for the species, "Equus", may come from the Latin equus, meaning horse, or the taxonomic genus Equus, which contains horses.