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Prone Sweet Prone is a Normal Mission in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It can be received from Stella at the Administrative District in New Los Angeles. Although it's not required the Basic Mission A Covert Rescue can be used to locate this mission.


  1. "Head to Oblivia's Scabland Fortress."
  2. "Search for the imprisoned xenoforms inside Oblivia's Scabland Fortress."
  3. "Obtain the internment camp key from inside Oblivia's Scabland Fortress."
    • There are two options, either defeat Enforcer Glennar or find the one laying on top of one of the structures.
  4. "Use the key to enter the internment camp inside Oblivia's Scabland Fortress."
  5. "Talk to Stella at BLADE Tower."


"While they look similar to vicious Prone, the Tree Clan seems comparatively virtuous. You gained Director General Chausson's consent to bring them into New LA."