Prudence is one of Dunban's initial three Skill Trees in Xenoblade Chronicles. Prioritizing Prudence improves Dunban's block rate by up to 15% (2% if no skills have been learnt).

Skill List

Name Shape Linkable Cost Description  Skill Tree Effect Value
Sustained Spirit Star Yes 28 Increases the duration of Auras by 10 seconds 4%
Steel Protection Circle Yes 30 Reduces Spike damage taken by 20% 6%
Mind of the Warrior Star Yes 2 Reduces depletion rate of the Party Gauge outside of battle 8%
Lightweight Expert Star Yes 28 Improves Physical Defence and Ether Defence of Light Armour by 15% 10%
Critical Drain Circle Yes 50 Restores 2% of max HP when dealing a critical hit. Affected by Recovery Up gems. 15%