Pyotr, the Shepherd (Japanese: 羊飼いのピョートル, Hitsujikai no Pyōtoru) is a Tyrant in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is a member of the Sylooth family. It can be found at level 74 in Noctilum at Narcissus Tree, accompanied by Heidi, the Lively and Claire, the Sheltered.

Pyotr, the Shepherd gains Enraged VI buff when one of its ovis are killed. When both are killed, it gains significant resistance to damage.



Art Attribute Category Hits Range Effect Appendage Homing
Punch Physical Melee 1 Single Stagger - -
Ether Shot Ether Ranged 3 Single - - Yes
Rock Toss Physical Ranged 1 Sphere around target Topple (air) - Yes
Roar Physical Ranged 1 Sphere around caster Slow Arts, Taunt - -
Sledgehammer Ether Melee 1 Circle around caster Launch - -
Ether Explosion Ether Ranged 1 Sphere around caster Topple, Ether Res Down Back -
Guard - Status - Self Defending - -
Flying Body Press Physical Melee 1 Circle around caster Launch - -


Part Item Type Rarity
Weak Point Sylooth Tonic Water Material Unique
Back, Hip, Leg, Weak Point Gold Sylooth Brace Material Unique
Back, Body, Hip Quality Giant Cells Material Unique
Body Distilled Sap Material Rare
Body White Fungal Egg Material Common
Body Sylooth D Holofigure Intergalactic
Body Ultra Infinite Headwear Armor Rare-Prime
Body Ultra Infinite Armor Armor Rare-Prime
Body Ultra Infinite Armwear L Armor Rare-Prime
Body Ultra Infinite Armwear R Armor Rare-Prime
Body Ultra Infinite Legwear Armor Rare-Prime
Body SRM-XXR160ME B-Gatling Skell Weapon Intergalactic
Body SRM-XXR360GG H-Arrow Skell Weapon Intergalactic
Body SSM-XXR260ME Widebeam Skell Weapon Intergalactic
Body SSM-XXR260SA HB-Missile Skell Weapon Intergalactic
Body SHM-XX260ME B-Centipede Skell Weapon Intergalactic
Body SHM-XXR360ME B-XXSniper Skell Weapon Intergalactic
Body SHM-XXR460SA B-Rifle Skell Weapon Intergalactic
Body SHM-XXR260ME B-Rifle Skell Weapon Intergalactic

Additional Details

"This peaceful creature lives in the depths of Noctilum with two ovis companions. Though normally mild-tempered, harming his ovis is a surefire recipe for trouble."


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