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Quadwing Bag
Rare Material
A bag perfect for holding valuables. Preserves the quality of its contents.
Vital statistics
Type Material
Source Coppice Quadwing
Sell Price 1,220 G

Quadwing Bags are rare materials in Xenoblade Chronicles. They are dropped by Coppice Quadwings lying on the trees of the Satorl Marsh during the day. A good number of these birds can be seen around Barren Moor.

Needed for

Colony 6 reconstruction



NPC Area Affinity
Talia Satorl Marsh 3

Talia only trades this item during the quests Talia's Research or Investigating Satorl.

Enemy drops

Enemy Area Rate
Stormy WidardunSatorl Marsh75.0 %
Coppice QuadwingSatorl Marsh32.3 %

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