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For the material in Xenoblade Chronicles X, see Quality Crank (X).

Quality Crank
Rare Material
A high quality part, exhibiting stability
and a high standard of efficiency.
Vital statistics
Type Material (rare)
Source Trade (Mixik, Qofaria)
Sell Price 3,530 G

Quality Cranks are rare materials in Xenoblade Chronicles. They can be traded for with Mixik and Qofaria, and dropped by various small Mechon. During the two battle event at Galahad Fortress, the two Defensive Guard Unit variants, the two M94 Guard Unit variants, as well as Face Nemesis and Gold Face do not drop any chests but the Quality Crank they carry can only be obtained by using Riki's Yoink! ability.



NPC Area Affinity
Mixik Fallen Arm 3
Qofaria Fallen Arm ☆4

Enemy drops

Enemy Area Rate
M46 Covert KillerSword Valley20.1 %
M48 Sentry UnitGalahad Fortress20.1 %
Mechon M46XFallen Arm20.1 %
Defensive Guard Unit (first)Galahad Fortress0 %
Defensive Guard Unit (second)Galahad Fortress0 %
M94 Guard Unit (first)Galahad Fortress0 %
M94 Guard Unit (second)Galahad Fortress0 %
Face NemesisGalahad Fortress0 %
Gold FaceGalahad Fortress0 %

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