Quality Plungers are rare material items in Xenoblade Chronicles. They are dropped by various large bipedal Mechon, or can be traded for.



NPC Area Affinity
Vronik Fallen Arm 3

Enemy Drops

Enemy Area Rate
Experimental M86 (QE)Fallen Arm100 %
Benevolent AimSword Valley83 %
Glorious JuromGalahad Fortress75 %
Lightning RonoveSword Valley75 %
M82 Melee UnitSword Valley26.3 %
M82X Melee UnitSword Valley26.3 %
M85 Infantry UnitGalahad Fortress26.3 %
M85 Meteor ArtilleryFallen Arm26.3 %
M85 SergeantGalahad Fortress26.3 %

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