Raguel Lake is a location in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is located on the lower level of Bionis' Leg. There is a bridge crossing it, one large island in it, and some rock platforms rising high out of it. Dark Hoxes and White Hoxes are found on the southern platforms, and Greed Gogols and Gluttony Gogols can be found on the northern ones. Small rope bridges connect these platforms.

Several Envy Sardi lurk in the lake near shorelines. When it is night or rains, Light Wisps or Aqua Nebula respectively replace the Envy Sardi.

The White Eduardo, a Unique Monster, can be found on the large island north of the bridge during a thunderstorm. Otherwise, the island is inhabited by Oasis Flamii. Oasis Flamii also inhabit the unnamed shoreline to the southeast of the island, near the Tranquil Grotto. Along the northwestern shoreline is a vast Wind Ether Crystal deposit.