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Queen Raqura (Japanese: ラゲルト, Rageruto; English dub: /rəˈkʊərə/) is a character in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. She is the Queen Regnant of the Kingdom of Uraya. She is of the House of Selosia.


Raqura herself is not seen throughout the early parts of the story, but it is revealed that tensions between the Kingdom of Uraya and the Empire of Mor Ardain are rising.

After the Ardainians supposedly attacked Urayan forces in Temperantia with the Judicium Titan Weapon, the Indoline Praetorium intervenes to prevent war from breaking out. Raqura then attends the Rulers' Congress in Indol, alongside Mor Ardain's Emperor Niall, Argentum Trade Guild's Acting Chairman Niranira, the Kingdom of Tantal's Crown Prince Ozychlyrus "Zeke" Brounev Tantal, Mor Ardain's Chief Inquisitor Mòrag, and the Aegis Mythra. She notes that by the Osirian Treaty, signed 350 years prior, the Praetorium was not to intervene in acts of war. Indol's Praetor Amalthus claims he has good reason to do so.

Raqura remains skeptical of Niall's claim that the Titan Weapon was not fired by Imperial Decree. She remains even more skeptical of the claim that it was the work of Torna and Malos, thinking that Malos was defeated in the Aegis War. She is later convinced by Zeke, Niranira, and Mythra, although she was not fully aware of Mythra's return. She later agrees with Amalthus on lifting the ban on traveling to the World Tree. It is later revealed in the Heart-to-Heart "Reconciliation" that as a part of the Ruler's Congress, Mor Ardain had to cease any further military developments in Temperantia, and Uraya gained surveying rights in the area.

Raqura is later seen as Amalthus summons the Urayan Titan to attack the Marsanes with the use of Fan la Norne's Core Crystal. She is last seen in the scene where the Artifices attack Alrest, giving orders to Urayan soldiers.


Raqura can be found as a temporary NPC during the quest The Calm and the Storm at Fonsa Myma Port.