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For those who have not completed Xenoblade Chronicles, this page or section may contain spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

The Replica Monado is a weapon in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is given to Shulk by Vanea after the original Monado is lost to Zanza late in the game. It was created by Miqol using the latest technology advances of the Machina. The Monado Replicas have less attack power, but can perform Monado Arts as well.

Other Monado replicas

There are five other Monado Replicas which can be created by completing optional quests. The quests can be received from Vanea as the party is about to venture into the Bionis' Interior. Like the Replica Monado, the attack power of these replicas is based on Shulk's level.


The following table compares the stats of the six replica Monados.

Replica Monado (8.4 – 10.5) x Lv 25 25 10% 5% 3
Monado Rudra (9.8 – 10.5) x Lv 25 25 5% 5% 3 Replica Monado 1
Monado Agni (5.6 – 10.5) x Lv 50 50 5% 25% 3 Replica Monado 2
Monado Abyss (8.4 – 13.5) x Lv 25 25 15% 5% 3 Replica Monado 3
Monado Dogma (8.4 – 10.5) x Lv 0 0 25% 0% 2 Replica Monado 4
Monado Saga (7 – 9) x Lv 150 150 5% 15% 2 Replica Monado 5


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