268px-Vanea - Xenoblade Chronicles
"The Machina have plans for five more Replica Monados. Have them make a Monado Replica which is tougher and has increased defence capabilities."
Giver Unique Comments Location Time
Vanea None Colony 6 (Junks) Anytime
Prerequisites: Arrived at the Interior Landing Site (Bionis' Interior), Replica Monado 1 accepted
  1. "Get Ocean Elixir of Life from Kyel Lexos or by trading with Atael."
  2. "Get Immortal Moss from Satorl Tortas or the Armoured Rockwell."
  3. "Get Quadwing Treasure from Grove Quadwings or by trading with Pachipa."
  4. "Return to Vanea."
Results: "Your efforts combined with the technology of the Machina have created a new Replica Monado."

Replica Monado 2 is a quest in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is received automatically when Replica Monado 1 is accepted, along with Replica Monado 3, Replica Monado 4 and Replica Monado 5. These quests can be received from Vanea on the control deck of Junks after it lands in Bionis' Interior. Although listed in the quest log as Colony 6 quests, they can be received while Junks is in Colony 6, the Hidden Machina Village, or Bionis' Interior.

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