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The future doesn't belong to you!

For those who have not completed Xenoblade Chronicles, this page or section may contain spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

Riki in Xenoblade Chronicles
Aliases Heropon
Gender Male
Age 40
Species Nopon
Hair color Blond with red highlights
Eye color Brown
Voice actor(s) Yuki Kaida
Wayne Forester
Appearances Xenoblade Chronicles
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U
"Ready to go! Come new friends, Riki's adventure begins!"
— Riki

Riki (リキ; English dub: /ˈrɪki/ ) is one of the seven playable characters in Xenoblade Chronicles and a member of the mercantile Nopon race. Although he looks like a child, he is actually 40 years old and six of his children can be found in Frontier Village. In the English version, Riki eventually reveals (during a side quest) that he has a total of 11 children. A natural story-teller, he will go on at length about how he is actually a legendary hero spoken of in Nopon prophecy. He seems to eat a lot despite his small size, a trait shared by his children, and he accompanies Shulk and the group as a way to pay off the heavy debts that have arisen from this.

Story Edit

The party is first introduced to Riki in a short, humorous scene. The characters are seemingly unimpressed with the compact hero and are unsure what to make of him. This does not improve upon learning that Riki expects them to find equipment for him, too.

Riki informs the group that his reason for being the Heropon (chosen legendary warrior for the Nopon race) is that he owes "lots of monies" to the people of Frontier Village. However he does mention that they will forgive his debts should he successfully slay the "Dinobeast" that has been plaguing Makna Forest.

When Reyn doubts if Riki will be of any help, he immediately suggests that they hunt the "Dinobeast", by finding a place where there are many Ether Crystals. Apparently the Telethia they are hunting prefers to nest where there are Ether Crystals.

Upon finding the Telethia, Riki becomes quite angered with the way "his Makna Forest" has been damaged. Melia mentions that Telethia will absorb Ether from the surrounding environment. They engage the beast in battle.

After the fight, Riki takes most of the credit back in Frontier Village for slaying the "Dinobeast", even though according to the rest of the group, he did not actually do very much.

Gameplay Edit

In gameplay, Riki could be described as a combination of Black Mage & Thief, thanks to his debuffs and pickpocket skills, although he does not have as high base damage arts as other characters. He has fairly good moves for inflicting status ailments onto enemies. He will not inflict as much damage due to lack of fire power, but most of his offensive arts inflict status effects, meaning he can inflict considerable amounts of damage over time. He can learn to steal EXP, AP, and stats from enemies, too. Riki also has the highest hp stat of any of the playable characters, and although he initially can only wear light armor his later skill tree Heroism allows him to equip heavy armor. He does, however, have one downfall: due to his height, he tends to swim rather than walk in water (even water shallow enough for the other party members to walk in), making him useless in water battles.

General stats Edit

Max Level Max HP Max Physical Strength Max Ether Strength Max Agility
99 9,674 417 399 124

※ These stats are raw and do not include the bonuses from the skill lines.

  • each auto-attack hit adds 10% to his talent gauge
  • likes to debuff enemies; also has the most debuff arts out of all the characters
  • can steal points, items, stats, etc. from an enemy with his talent art

Arts Edit

  • Riki Yoink Yoink! [Talent Art] (steal something from an enemy, at first only items or stat boosts but later he can obtain XP and AP with skills)
  • Riki HappyHappy Happy Happy (fills Party Gauge, high tension required)
  • Riki BiteyBitey Bitey Bitey (bleed damage, back-hit extends duration)
  • Riki Sneaky Sneaky (back-hit triples damage)
  • Riki PlayDead Play Dead (removes all aggro, no damage when feigning death, heal HP like when revived, subsequent use of physical arts increases damage (one-time only))
  • Riki Lurgy Lurgy (poisons enemies in a frontal cone)
  • Reyn Berserker Hero Time (aura around Riki with limited range, prevents tension decrease, significantly increases a single stat for himself at random)
  • Riki RolyPoly Roly Poly (30% chance to force Topple, binds if Topple fails)
  • Riki Behave Behave (inflicts Paralysis, may remove Crazed, less effective with lower tension)
  • Riki YouCanDoIt You Can Do It (heals targets in a frontal straight area, amount depends on the number of debuffs on targets (battle members))
  • Riki Freezinate Freezinate (causes Chill damage to a single enemy)
  • Riki Bedtime Bedtime (sends all enemies around Riki to sleep, as well as Riki himself)
  • Riki Tantrum Tantrum (3-hit combo, causes Break in a frontal cone on third hit)
  • Riki Burninate Burninate (causes Blaze damage in a circle around Riki)
  • Reyn Rage Riki is Angry (counters all non Talent Art damage with spike damage, which reflects 2, 4 or 8 times the damage)
  • Riki Peekaboo Peekaboo (side-hit confuses Mechon)
  • Riki SaySorry Say Sorry (removes debuffs from enemy, but increases damage for each one)

Skill trees Edit

Riki initially has access to three skill trees:

Riki's fourth Skill Tree "Cowardice" can be acquired via the quest Getting Bigger! from Frontier Village and has the following prerequisites:

Riki's fifth Skill Tree "Heroism" can be acquired via the quest Final Challenge of the Sage and has the following prerequisites:

Additionally, completing Final Challenge of the Sage requires the defeat of a level 96 unique monster.

Gem Crafting Edit

Riki owns unique Shooter and Engineer abilities for Gem Crafting, they are:

Shooter Edit

  • Impatient Shooter: Gem crafting process happens twice in a row.

Engineer Edit

  • Strong Flame: Terrible
  • Medium Flame: Terrible
  • Gentle Flame: Great

Presents Edit

4 hearts Edit

3 hearts Edit

2 hearts Edit

In Super Smash Bros. Edit

Riki (Assist Trophy)

Riki in Super Smash Bros.

Riki appears in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U during Shulk's Final Smash, performing a Chain Attack with Dunban and Shulk. He also appears as an Assist Trophy, using a variety of arts such as Happy Happy, Freezinate, and Yoink!.

Quotes Edit

  • "Chief lying! Chief make up prophecy one minute ago! Riki mad!"
  • "Dundun watch over Shulk, Dundun watch over Fiora. That is all a daddypon can do."
  • "Friend wrong! Chief choose by instinct!"
  • "Friends get ready, friends help Riki get ready!"
  • "Friends meet Riki when ready. Then friends and Riki leave together!"
    Reyn: "Big attitude for a furry footrest." (imitating Riki) "'Dinobeast is big and scary', Great. That'll come in handy."
  • "Meet this year's Legendary Heropon, Riki! Riki live to serve!"
  • "Melly! Riki hear you hurt Dinobeast!"
  • "New Hom Hom friends!"
  • "Nyapakapow!"
  • "Of course Riki know!"
  • "Ok, Riki ready for round two- uh, what? Monster defeated already? Riki not know!"
  • "Riki listen because Riki is the Heropon"
  • "*sigh* Riki owe lots of monies to village. If Riki defeat Dinobeast, village promise to forget my debts. So Riki like being Heropon!"
  • "Riki's friend right, Hom Hom clever!"
  • "Riki's friends, listen to Riki! Dinobeast is big and scary!"
  • "When Dinobeast hurt, Riki know it go to place with ether crystals. Friends and Riki go to place with crystals. Then we find Dinobeast! Chief tell Riki! Chief always right!"
  • "Why [am I the Heropon]? Because Chief Dunga chose Riki!"
  • "Why friend surprised? Chief have sharp instinct. Chief be village seer!"

Battle Edit

  • "Aye-aye! Nose, mouth."
  • "B-B-B-Burninate!"
  • "Bitey... Bitey!
  • "Everyone do good!"
  • "F-F-F-Freezinate!"
  • "Heropon run from nothing!"
  • "Heropon snap chop!"
  • "Heropon's breath makes monster sick!"
  • "Monster! {screams}"
  • "Now you have... the Lurgy..."
  • "Now, now... Behave!"
  • "Riki can win by himself."
  • "Riki feel faster!"
  • "Riki fight better than anyone!"
  • "Riki find goodies!"
  • "Riki get lonely without you!"
  • "Riki go to bed now!"
  • "Riki hungry..."
  • "Riki like fighting eaaasy monsters!"
  • "Riki looove chain attack!"
  • "Riki scared! Friends run!"
  • "Riki show secret Nopon special move!"
  • "Riki sneaky!"
  • "Riki's Sidekicks do good!"
    Fiora: "Thank you, O Mighty Riki!" *giggles*
  • "Riki's Sidekicks do good!"
    Sharla: "Sidekicks!?... Well, whatever makes you happy!"
  • "Riki's Sidekicks do good!"
    Shulk: "Teach us, Heropon Riki!"
  • "Riki's Sidekicks do good."
    Reyn: "Who're you callin' a sidekick, furball!?"
  • "Roly Poly keep on rolliiiiiing!"
  • "Sharlaaaa, pow bam yeah!"
  • "Shulk! Go now!"
  • "Sidekicks... finish... fight..."
  • "Victory to Riki!"
  • Dunban: "Riki, mighty Heropon, I can see that you're in pain."
    Riki: "Nothing can beat Riki!"
    Shulk: "Dunban, you're embarrassing Riki!"
  • Riki: "Aww... Riki wish Melly real sister-pon"
    Melia: "Aww... What about Sharla?"
    Riki: "Sharla more like mama-pon. Riki think one Mama enough"
    Sharla: "Now just hold on one minute!"
  • Riki: "Thanks to Riki's sidekicks, we win!"
    Reyn: "What, who're you calling sidekicks?"
    Riki: "No see anyone else, must be you!"
    Reyn: "Stupid furry volleyball. I'm gonna-!"
    Shulk: "Reyn, you're such an easy target!"
  • Riki: "Fiora! Good job! Well done!"
    Fiora: *laughs* "Thanks, good job to you too, Riki."
    Reyn: "Hey, aren't we forgettin' someone?"
    Riki: "Reyn is smelly Orluga! No good job for you!"
    Reyn: "When I get my hands you, I'm gonna-! Oh, forget it."
    Fiora: *sigh* "Like little kids."

Trivia Edit

  • Riki's debt is the same as the value of "20,000 fish eggs", according to a Heart-to-Heart - "Riki's Crazy Crystal Plan" - with Reyn in Makna Forest.
  • The official Xenoblade Chronicles website states Riki's age as unknown, even though he himself reveals his age as 40.
  • Oddly, his theme song, "Riki the Legendary Hero", plays very early in the game when Vangarre is yelling at the Defence Force soldiers in Colony 9.
  • Riki seems to be able to hear, but not see, the ghosts of dead people. He displays this ability twice in the game. The first time is after the battle with Lorithia where he hears Kallian. The second instance is during a heart-to-heart - "In Ose Tower" - with Dunban in the Sealed Tower on Valak Mountain.
  • It is revealed in "Flowers of Eryth Sea" that Riki actually has a crush on Melia but will not act on it due to his wife, Oka, and their difference in species.
  • "Riki" means "Strength" in Japanese.
  • Riki's Japanese voice actor, Yuki Kaida, also voiced Vanea in Japanese versions of Xenoblade Chronicles.

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