Sabulas (Japanese: サブエル, Sabueru) are sand-dwelling worm-like creatures in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They can be found in sandy areas in Noctilum, Oblivia, and Sylvalum. Sabula Tyrants are colossal.


"Worm-like insects that burrow through the sand, swallowing dirt and other creatures in equal measure. The presence of sabulas is generally good for the land, as they aggregate soil and make it more conducive to vegetation growth. Additionally, while the creatures excrete the sand they ingest, any inbibed Miranium is retained within the body.

Though bereft of sight, their sense of touch is highly developed, and they will immediately spring out and attack at the sigh of any vibrations that occur above ground—a trait that has led to the doom of a few unlucky Pathfinders."

Color Variants

Sabulas fall into two color variations, both of which have the same drops:

  • Brown sabulas can be found in Noctilum and Oblivia.
  • White sabulas can be found in Sylvalum.

Types of Sabulas

Minor Enemies



Sabula is derived from Latin sabulo, meaning gravel or sand.

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