Sacrifoles (Japanese: クルスタ, Kurusuta) are flying flower-like Insectoid enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are similar to Mortifoles, but with crystals on top of their body and feathers patterned with vein-like designs. They can be found in Sylvalum and Cauldros.


"A relative of the mortifole, these creatures imitate the gregarious plants of Mira's northern lands, with their petaloid organs absorbing atmospheric ether.

Sacrifoles have fierce communal bonds, and have even been known to sacrifice themselves in suicide explosions for the sake of their brethren. During breeding season, their eggs are laid while airborne and scattered over the water. After hatching, the young bury themselves in the mud and feed on carrion until they mature."

Color Variants

Sacrifoles fall into three color variants:

  • Blue sacrifoles are blue with turquoise crystal and yellow-green petal tips. They can drop Azure Sacrifole Feathers. They can only be found in Sylvalum.
  • White sacrifoles are white with yellow-green crystal. They can drop Silver Sacrifole Feathers.
  • Red sacrifoles are red with orange crystal. They can drop Crimson Sacrifole Feathers. They are common in areas with magma and lava.

Types of Sacrifoles

Minor Enemies

Mission Exclusive Enemies


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