Saltats (Japanese: サルタート, Sarutāto) are enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are large bird-like creatures with horn-shaped heads similar to Liceors.


"Though flightless, these avians make their homes at high elevations, preying on fish and crustaceans that they suck into their trumpet-like mouths. Relatively intelligent creatures, some saltats are known to also display a penchant for combat."

"During mating season, males blow rainbow bubbles as a way to attract a mate. They then perform a frenzied dance of courtship as the bubbles drift. Failure to impress will dash all prospects of mating, spurring young males to improve themselves by learning at the feet of senior saltats. The relationship is mutually beneficial, with disciples blowing bubbles to help their tutors' own romantic endeavors. Even after gaining nests of their own, they continue to look after their aging masters."

Types of Saltats

Minor Enemies

Mission Exclusive Enemies



"Saltat" comes from Latin salto, meaning "dance".

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