Sarcosuchus, the Iron-Eater (鉄喰いのサルコスクス, Tekkui no Sarukosukusu) is a Tyrant in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is a member of the Dilus family, and rather larger than the surrounding Diluses. It can be found at level 39 at Rust Lake in Noctilum. It leaps out from the lake when its area is approached. Defeating it is required to complete the eponymous basic mission Sarcosuchus, the Iron-Eater and to complete segment recon. It must be defeated for Squad Mission No.15.



Part Item Type Rarity
Body Crimson Dilus Eye Material Rare
Tail Moving Dilus Tail Material Rare
Back Pristine Dorsal Fin Material Rare
Head Cloudy Eyeball Material Rare
Body Quality Pelt Material Common
Body Muddy Pelt Material Common
Body Dilus A Holofigure Intergalactic


  • Sarcosuchus is an extinct species of ancient crocodilian. It was one of the largest crocodilians to exist on Earth.


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