Map with locations of Unique Monsters found in Satorl Marsh

This page is a list of all the Unique Monsters in Satorl Marsh.

Name Level Location Spawntime
Aggressive Cornelius 28 Igna Territory Any
Amber Fischer 27 Southeast of Altar of Fate Any
Cautious Balteid 26 South of Poison Swamp Any
Despotic Arsene 108 Northeast from Glowing Obelisk Any, after completing Mechonis Core
Eternal Palsadia 91 Top of the Exile Fortress Any, after completing The Giants' Treasure
Indomitable Daulton 85 In the Soter Ruins Any
Reckless Godwin 31 In the Exile Fortress Any
Stormy Widardun 25 Ridge west of Zaldania Waterfall Day
Sunlight Schvaik 30 Barren Moor Day
Swift Zektol 28 East of Igna Territory Day
Tumultuous Felix 27 The cliff southeast of the Silent Obelisk Any
Veteran Yozel 83 Northeast of the Silent Obelisk Night and fog