Scintimures (Japanese: トリズモ, Torizumo) are flying Piscinoid creatures in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are large electrical eel-like fishes, similar to Duoguills. They can be found in Noctilum, Sylvalum, and Cauldros.


"Electricity courses through the bodies of these colossal piscinoids, which they use to scan for prey by releasing a weak charge into the surrounding area. Upon finding a potential meal, scintimures subdue it with a powerful jolt from the tips of their tentacles. The quivering victim is then consumed by an immense set of molars."

"Scintimures have unusually soft bodies, complete with flexible bones that allow them to enter tight spaces. The fry are similar to sardines, in that they congregate in massive schools and move as a single undulating organism. Those lucky enough to spot the creatures at night are treated to a visual orchestra of pulsing bioluminescence."

Color Variants

Scintimures fall into four color variations:

  • Red scintimures are mostly red-orange in coloration. They can drop Red Scintimure Tentacles.
  • Black scintimures are jet-black in coloration. They can drop Black Scintimure Tentacles. The normal versions are only found in Sylvalum during spore cloud weather.
  • White scintimures are light gray in coloration. They can drop White Scintimure Tentacles. They are only found in Sylvalum.
  • Purple scintimures are purple in coloration. They can drop Purple Scintimure Tentacles. They only appear during electromagnetic storms in Cauldros.

Types of Scintimures

Normal Minor Enemies

Mission Exclusive Enemy



"Scintimure" may come from the Latin scintilla, meaning spark or glimmer.

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