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For those who have not completed Xenoblade Chronicles, this page or section may contain spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

Second Gear is one of Fiora's Ether support arts in Xenoblade Chronicles. When activated, it increases her physical arts damage by 50% for five seconds.


Art Level AP Cost Cooldown
1 - 120.0 sec
2 420 111.6 sec
3 840 103.2 sec
4 1680 94.8 sec
5 3360 86.4 sec
6 5040 78.0 sec
7 7560 69.6 sec
8 10,920 61.2 sec
9 15,120 52.8 sec
10 20,160 44.4 sec

Art book sources


Intermediate art books are only available from shops.
The Second Gear intermediate art books cost 17,000 G.


Advanced art books are only available from enemy drops. Enemies marked as QE are Quest-Exclusive and do not respawn.

Unique Monsters

Enemy Area Rate
Armoured RockwellBionis' Leg14.0 %
Frenzied Bana (QE)Frontier Village13.0 %
Cold AgeshuPrison Island11.4 %
Destroyer SalvacionMechonis Field3.1 %

Other enemies

Enemy Area Rate
Polkan TelethiaColony 614.0 %
Dorsiar LizardTephra Cave13.0 %
Korlba PterixMakna Forest13.0 %
Offensive/DIARYCentral Factory4.6 %
Jelly SeluaBionis' Interior4.1 %
M45/VIOLA (normal)Mechonis Field2.5 %
Prado UpaFallen Arm2.4 %
Mechon M46XFallen Arm1.6 %

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