Glowmoss Lake

The Glowmoss Lake Secret Area

Secret Areas are discoverable landmarks in Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Secret Areas are always landmarks, making them available for skip travel after they are found.

They are often hidden away or otherwise difficult to find. Many secret areas offer scenic views or other special points of interest, commonly quest-related.

Xenoblade Chronicles

Secret Areas tend to grant larger EXP, AP and SP rewards upon arrival than normal.


Bionis' Leg

Eryth Sea

Ether Mine

Fallen Arm

Makna Forest

Mechonis Field

Satorl Marsh

Sword Valley

Tephra Cave

Valak Mountain

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Secret Areas in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 are also known as Viewpoints or Secret Areas/Viewpoints.

Gormott Province

Kingdom of Uraya

Empire of Mor Ardain


Kingdom of Tantal

Cliffs of Morytha

Land of Morytha

Spirit Crucible Elpys

World Tree