Seidr Control Devices are unique materials in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They can be obtained from Seidrs in Sylvalum and Cauldros.

Four of them are required to construct an Ares 70 Skell, and eight are need to construct an Ares 90. They are dropped by the same enemies which drop Upgraded Lenses, which are also needed to build the Ares Skells.


Enemy Level Area
Aegis Raptor Seidr 41-50 Cauldros
Ahama's Seidr 84 Sylvalum
Armored Cruiser Seidr 61 Cauldros
Badul's Seidr 61 Sylvalum
Enhanced Attack Seidr 68 Cauldros
Enhanced Defense Seidr 59 Sylvalum
Grav Raptor Seidr 41-50 Cauldros
Laser Raptor Seidr 41-50 Cauldros
Sharnaak's Seidr 84 Cauldros

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