Dunban SereneHeart Serene Heart is one of Dunban's auras in Xenoblade Chronicles. It increases his hit rate and evade rate by 50% when active; by 75% when his HP is 15% or less.


Level Learnt Attribute Range Aggro Parameter Effect
28 Ether Self 20 Hit Rate and Evade Rate raised by 50%
(75% when Dunban's HP is 15% or less)

Arts Level AP Cost Cooldown
Effect Duration
1 - 45.0 15.0
2 340 42.8 16.0
3 680 40.5 17.0
4 1360 38.2 18.0
5 2720 36.0 19.0
6 4080 33.8 20.0
7 6120 31.5 21.0
8 8840 29.2 22.0
9 12,240 27.0 23.0
10 16,320 24.8 24.0

Miscellaneous Info

  • The maximum evade rate is 95% when an enemy auto-attacks; 90% when an enemy uses a physical art.
  • For dodging enemy attacks, Serene Heart is generally effective against enemies that are up to 5 levels higher than Dunban's level.
  • For hitting enemies, Serene Heart, combined with agility and night vision gems, and agility skills, is generally effective against enemies that are at least six levels higher than Dunban's level.
  • AI Dunban will only use this aura when he has an aggro ring.

Art book sources


Intermediate art books are only available from shops.
The Serene Heart intermediate art books cost 11,500 G.


Advanced art books are available only from enemy drops.

Unique Monster

Enemy Area Rate
Vivid AnstanBionis' Interior2.6 %
Ancient DaedalaFallen Arm2.0 %
Venerable FocalorCentral Factory1.9 %
Exposure WolfolValak Mountain0.8 %

Other enemies

Enemy Area Rate
Baelfael GogolSatorl Marsh2.3 %
Lampo PonioFallen Arm0.9 %

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