Serpent Boots are medium feet armour in Xenoblade Chronicles.


Enemy drops

Note: For any enemies listed with a 0% drop rate, the item can only be obtained using Yoink!

Enemy Area Rate
Chloro LaiaEryth Sea18.2 %
Perna ElucaEryth Sea10.2 %
Calm AnzabiHigh Entia Tomb8.4 %
Hover AstasHigh Entia Tomb8.4 %
Brutal GravarMakna Forest4.1 %
Buio VangMakna Forest4.1 %
Caris NebulaMakna Forest4.1 %
Elder GragusMakna Forest4.1 %
Makna AntolMakna Forest4.1 %
Marmor ApisMakna Forest4.1 %
Suelo OrlugaMakna Forest4.1 %
Eryth AnselEryth Sea2.4 %
Tempestuous EdegiaEryth Sea2.4 %
Ashy Orluga (QE)Makna Forest0 %


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Shulk Reyn Fiora Dunban
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Sharla Riki Melia
Pc050305 No Visible Change Pc070305