Servant Sacrifice

Servant Sacrifice is one of many Debuff Arts in Xenoblade Chronicles X. If used on a target afflicted with Control, a fixed percentage of HP and TP based on the art level is earned, and there is a chance to instantly kill the target. The kill is guaranteed when topple or stun is also inflicted to the target.

This art is very effective against monsters with a lot of HP, but most (if all) tyrants and bosses are immune to it.


Class Rank Learned Weapon Type Range Effect Secondary Cooldown Tertiary Cooldown
Mastermind 3 Knife Debuff Self Boosts HP and TP when controlling a target + Sometimes destroys the target Immediate Reuse
Level TP and HP Gain Cooldown BP Cost
1 10% 30.0 s -
2 20% 25.2 s 4
3 30% 22.8 s 12
4 40% 20.4 s 36
5 50% 18.0 s 72