For the weapons for Skells, see Shield (Skell weapon).

Shields are melee weapons in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are used by Shield Trooper and Bastion Warrior classes. Once the Bastion Warrior class has been fully mastered, the weapons can be used regardless of class. Shields are also the melee weapons used by Lin, L, and H.B.


Level 3

Level 4


Art Acquired Class Acquired Rank Effect Range Attribute TP Cost Description
Wild Down Shield Trooper 1 Target: One Enemy Weapon 1000 Weapon damage + inflicts Topple
Flame Cloak Shield Trooper 2 Target: Near Self None 0 Thermal Resistance Up
Iron Prison Shield Trooper 3 Target: Self and nearby allies None 1000 Physical resistance up + Proximity Spike
Wild Smash Shield Trooper 4 Target: One Enemy Weapon 0 Weapon damage + Vs. Toppled: boosts damage
Trash Talk Shield Trooper 5 Target: Enemies Around Self None 0 Inflicts Taunt + with Morale: boosts TP
Shield Wall Bastion Warrior 2 Target: Self and Allies None 0 Grants Barrier
Reality Rift Bastion Warrior 3 Target: Enemies in front Weapon 0 Weapon damage + inflicts Slow Arts
Bombardier Bastion Warrior 6 Target: Enemies around self Thermal 0 Thermal damage + inflicts Blaze
Supershield Bastion Warrior 8 Target: Self None 1000 Reflects Physical damage + reduces damage received + nullifies Stun

Unique Arts

Art Acquired From Mission Effect Range Attribute TP Cost Description
Drum Roll Lin To Serve Nopon Target: One Enemy Weapon 1000 Weapon damage + inflicts Physical Resistance Down + boosts damage in Melee Combo
Mindstorm L L's Conundrum Target: Self and nearby Allies None 0 Restores HP + grants Potential Up
Atomic Hit H.B. The King of Fear Target: One Enemy Weapon 0 Weapon damage + boosts Appendage damage
Flamehand H.B. Climbing the Ladder Target: Self None 1000 Boosts all Debuff Resistance + nullifies Terrain Damage + Counter Spike


Arms Manufacturer Name Attribute
Sakuraba Industries Shield Physical
Grenada Galactic Group Paive Physical
Meredith & Co. Parma Beam
Parma II Ether
Candid & Credible Haven Electric
Haven II Physical
Nopon Commerce Guild Thudclang Thermal
Factory 1.21 Honor Gravity

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