Shield Battler

Shield Trooper (known as Shield Battler in the Japanese version) is a class featured in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is one of two classes that can be leveled up from Striker and can be leveled up to Bastion Warrior. Being a Shield Trooper greatly improves HP and melee attack. The basic equipped weapons are Gatling Guns and Shields. The playable characters of this class include Lin, whereas each H.B.'s and L's class is an Alternative Shield Trooper. Shield Trooper has three skill slots.

Class Ranks

Rank Arts Skills
1 Wild Down
Missile Volley
2 Flame Cloak Thermal Shield
3 Iron Prison Topple Topper
4 Wild Smash Shield Screen
5 Trash Talk Rising Renewal
6 Long Topple
7 Bullet Storm
8 Trauma Tension
9 Dirty Fighter
10 Stand Strong

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