Shrads (Japanese: ヅッター, Zuttā) are a type of Ganglion's machines in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are small defensive ball-shaped drones that protect the Ganglion bases.


"Small in size and requiring no pilot, these units are often tasked with patrolling military strongholds. While in orb form with radar deployed, these robots will scour their surrounding for visual and sonic traces of enemies. But once they engage in combat, they transform into a quadrupedal form. Though their combat potential is not high, shrads can call in aid from allied units and support them until the shrads take critical damage—at which point they self-destruct."

"Shrads are imbued with an undeniable charm, so much that miniaturized versions are highly prized as toys by Ganglion of all ages. Thanks to these enthusiasts, the toy versions have branched off on their own unique paths of evolution."

List of Shrad Enemies

Minor Enemies


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