Simius (Japanese: シミウス, Shimiusu; English dub: /ˈsɪm.i.əs/) are large, four-armed simian creatures found on Mira in Xenoblade Chronicles X. The term simius is both singular and plural.


"Omnivorous creatures that are as smart as Earth's gorilla, and that live in groups consisting of a single male with multiple female mates."

"Though prideful and vicious in temper, males will generally keep their groups away from stronger ones. However, chance encounters between two sets of simius will inevitably result in a clash. To minimize such conflicts, males that sight an unfamiliar group will unleash a series of roars. If superiority can be established, the weaker of the two males will alter course. But if neither concedes, a duel to the death will ensue. As the victor claims the females of the vanquished male, group size is usually proportionate to a leader's strength."


Simius are massive baboon-like creatures with four muscled arms. They have four eyes to go along with their arms. Colored hair covers their tail, head, and lower arms. Their ugly mugs have sharp teeth protruding from their lower jaw.

When not fighting, simius can be seen wandering around, sitting and eating, or sleeping and loudly snoring.

Color Variants

Simius fall into three color variants:

Type of Simius

Normal Minor Enemies

Mission Exclusive Enemy



The name comes from the Latin word "Simius", meaning primate.

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