Six Star

Six Stars

Six Stars is an Arms Manufacturer in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is the local branch of a Wrothian arms-dev group and is named after the six military strategists who formed the company. Its CEO is a wrothian named De Zardo, who is not met in-game.

The arms manufacturer opens after completing A Challenger Approaches affinity mission. Their weapons boast high damage, and work under the theory that user skill can make up for their inaccuracy. Their armor focuses on thermal resistance, and their weapons are either thermal or physical-attribute.



Six Stars armor pieces are named based on the location they are worn and the type of armor.

Type Head Torso Arms L/R Legs
Light Wear Mask Light tier Plate Bracer Sabatons
Medium Wear Crest Plate Gauntlet Greaves
Heavy Wear Helm Heavy tier Plate Vambrace Heavy tier Greaves

Battle Traits

The following battle traits can be found on Six Stars armor. Only a small selection of the possible battle traits are available in armor purchased from the Shop Terminal. The remaining battle traits can be found in armor obtained by defeating enemies.

Type Battle Traits
Head Potential Up, Potential Boost, Resist Control, Taunt: Supercharge, EXP Boost, Treasure Sensor, Weather Master
Torso Max HP Up, Resist Flinch, Resist Thermal Res Down, Resist HP Recovery Down, Resist Blaze, HP Rebound, Reflect: Thermal, Aura Rapid Cooldown, High Danger Surge, Incapacitation Surge, Brimstone Rain Screen
Arms L Max TP Up, Melee Attack Boost, Thermal Res Up, Vantage Attack Plus, Overdrive: Recover HP, Extend Overdrive, Aura: Refuel, Critical Surge, Aura Surge
Arms R Max HP Up, Melee Attack Boost, Thermal Res Up, Front Attack Plus, Overdrive Green Bonus, Overdrive: Recover HP, Melee Draw Surge, Crush Surge, Underdog Surge
Legs Max TP Boost, Evasion Boost, Resist Stagger, Resist Knockback, Resist Launch, Resist Gravity Res Down, TP Rebound, Topple: Decoy, Terrain Damage Reducer, Focused Evasion

Enemy Drops

Six Stars armor is dropped by the following types of enemies.

Type Enemy
Light Wear Coronid, Saltat
Medium Wear Papil, Tersqual
Heavy Wear Germivore, Gularth

Arms Manufacturer Upgrades

Level 1

  • Introduction: "The branch office of a Wrothian conglomerate that monopolized the weapons market on its home planet. Its mainstay lineup consists of high-power weapons, and armor with high physical resistance."

Level 2

  • Light Wear Series: "A singular lineup of armor worthy of the bold and battle-tested. Wear these to gain freedom from the cruel shackles of gravity."
  • Edges II Series: "These twin swords of flame emit a keen flash, and boast the power to rend evil. None but the worthiest may wield them."

Level 3

  • Heavy Wear Series: "It's conviction that makes one strong. Presenting the ultimate armor for those who refuse to retreat."

Level 4

  • All Products Upgraded!: "Your tribute is most appreciated. Allow us to repay you through our fine wares."
Equipment at the shop terminal is now "Unique" rarity, with two battle traits.

Level 5

  • All Products Further Upgraded!: "Your tribute is worthy of a song! Allow us to repay you through our fine wares."
Equipment at the shop terminal is now "Prime" rarity, with three battle traits.