Skell Superweapons are fourteen special Skell Weapons in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are extremely powerful weapons with high fuel costs. Each superweapon is available as level 30, 50 and 60 versions. They can be crafted at the AM Terminal after obtaining the schematics.

The level 30 FILE-USPx40xx schematics are acquired after completing the game, the level 50 FILE-USPx60xx are obtained by opening certain Treasure Boxes, and the level 60 FILE-USPx80xx schematics are obtained as rewards for completing certain affinity or normal missions. The exception are the three Hexad-Partican schematics, level 30 FILE-USP0140SA, 50 FILE-USP0160SA and 60 FILE-USP0180SA, which are all obtained by completing the affinity mission Two Peas in a Pod.

List of Superweapons

All superweapons, as listed in the game by default:

Name Type Attribute Art Type
Hexad-Partican Back Weapon Beam Ranged
Zenith-Cannon Back Weapon Physical Ranged
Zweihand-Q Back Weapon Gravity Melee
Trident-Anchor Back Weapon Electric Ranged
Electric-Flood Shoulder Weapon Electric Debuff
Voltaic-Tusk Shoulder Weapon Electric Ranged
Antimatter-R Back Weapon Gravity Ranged
G-Piledriver Back Weapon Physical Melee
Dragoon-Lance Back Weapon Beam Ranged
Drone-Storm Back Weapon Physical Ranged
Deus-Crusher Shoulder Weapon Physical Melee
Barrage-Cloak Shoulder Weapon Beam Ranged
Detonation-F Back Weapon Thermal Melee
Megaflame-B Shoulder Weapon Thermal Ranged